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How My Alert Band Evolved

My name is Steven Marks, and I created the MedAlerts Band.  During the last 2 years of his life, the man that was like a father to me was suffering from multi-system failures in his body.  He was on a laundry list of medications, had stents, a pacemaker, and had allergies to certain drugs.  During this period of time, he had to be attended to by emergency medical professionals at least 7 times and was hospitalized 4 times.

Every time he was in need of attention, the dedicated professionals and heroes that attended to him were in need of critical information necessary to save or prolong his life.  He wasn't always in the condition to be able to help give that information and sometimes nobody else was around to do it either.  Even when someone was able to pass along the information, the chaos of the circumstances often made it difficult to be complete in providing what was needed.  Moreover, he was going to be passed along to different medical personnel who then needed all of that information or more.

I wish I had come up with this band before he passed away because it would have made a difference.  In honor of him, I hope this band will help you, or someone you love, to receive the care you need and deserve and reduce the burden on everyone as they try to provide the best medical care at a time when speed and clarity are key.

Watch the video below to see the story.

Steve's Video