Is your nonprofit, animal shelter, ambulance association or fire department looking for a unique way to raise awareness of your cause and increase revenue? If so, look no further. My Alert Bands and My Doggy Tags are unique in the world of fundraising. Why bother with fundraisers like bake sales, hoagie sales, chicken BBQ and other fundraisers that require a lot of volunteer effort and don’t necessarily raise a lot of money?

With My Alert Bands, you can not only raise awareness for your cause but make more money with less effort than most typical fundraisers. In addition, by selling My Alert Bands and My Doggy Tag you may possibly help save the life of one of your supporters or reunite a loved family pet using our unique QR code technology Alert Bands and Doggy Tags.

Using My Doggy Tags as a fundraiser is a great tool for animal shelters and rescue organizations. Best of all both My Alert Band and My Doggy Tag can be used by all nonprofits in combination with each other. Most households have either a pet that could wear a My Doggy Tag, or a family member or friend, who can benefit from My Alert Band. Why not use both in conjunction to raise even more funds?

Best of all, both My Alert Band and My Doggy Tag can be rebranded for your organization with a minimum order of 100 units. To learn more, reach out to Jay Barry via [email protected] or at 717.314.0628 between 10 AM and 4 PM EST weekdays.