Welcome to Medalerts! We are the future of wearable medical alerts!

Using QR technology, you are no longer limited to a wearable that just tells the world you or your loved ones may have allergies, or critical medical, mental, or emotional conditions.

Our bands are scannable by anyone with a cell phone and link to a data page that is secure and encrypted. This band will save you time and possibly save your life!

While the band could easily help first responders and medical professionals to provide you critical or life saving care much more easily, our band can provide substantial everyday use.

Save time at a doctor's office not having to fill out extensive new patient paperwork. Simply have them scan your band and send it to their printer or save the file. This will limit how much paperwork you have and having to fill out the same information over and over again.

This also saves doctors' offices from having to read handwriting and allows them to save paper.

How does The Health Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) control the use and security of your health information?

HIPAA does not control your use of your health information. HIPAA grants you the legal right to view and access your legal health record. It is a set of federal rules designed for health care providers, health insurance companies, and other identified “covered entities” that control who can look at and receive your health information. HIPAA regulations also ensure that your privacy is protected to the greatest extent, with best practice policies and safeguards in place to minimize any exposure or misuse.

Must MedAlertsBands.com comply with HIPAA?

No, we are working on behalf of health care consumers who are exercising their legal right to obtain, aggregate, and use their health information. Because we are not what the federal government considers a “covered entity”, MedAlerts.com is not subject to HIPAA regulations. Just because MedAlertsBands.com is not legally required to be HIPAA compliant does it still meet its security standards?

Yes! We respect your privacy and understand the importance of securing your information. Therefore we choose to meet the highest possible standards to earn your trust. We meet the technical, physical, and administrative safeguard requirements defined by the HIPAA Security Rule to be considered “safe” with regards to privacy protection for the MedAlertsBands.com Private Profile. The MedAlertsBands.com Public profile is designed to be shared in case of emergency and falls outside of HIPAA for this reason.

In addition to following HIPAA security recommendations, MedAlertsBands.com adheres to the FTC’s Security by Design Guidelines:

– Data security is carefully considered for each component of the MedAlertsBands.com platform

 – Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest

 – MedAlertsBands.com is protected from common vulnerabilities

 – Unlike similar but lesser services, our data is not stored on site or on our computers, your data is safely stored on cloud servers so if our site is hacked NONE of your data is at risk.

You choose what data and how much goes on your band.

If you're in an accident, have an injury, or a medical emergency, first responders, law enforcement, medical professionals, etc. can quickly find out who you are, what conditions you have, and what your needs may be without having to guess and put your health at risk.

Your data could not be more secure! Unlike most services that host your data on their own servers, our data is safely stored in the cloud and not in searchable data strings, giving your data the highest level of safety!

YES!! You do not need to know how to program or use a difficult interface. You simply log onto our website and activate, update, or deactivate your band through our simple templates.

Your initial setup will take 20-30 minutes to input your data.

While the MedAlerts band is ideal for storing and sharing critical medical information that can save your life or make accessing it simpler, our band can provide other critical functions.

This device is the perfect safety wearable for people who spend their leisure time outdoors.

Do you know someone, or are you someone who spends a lot of time in foreign countries? We can have your information stored and translated into one or more languages to protect you and your loved ones when away from home.

YES!! The My Alert Band is designed to not only provide you protection far beyond anything on the market, but at a low and affordable price as well! Our band will store a virtually unlimited amount of data and could include your entire medical history while doing so in a way that protects your personal information with the highest level of security.

MOST UNLIKELY, as silicone is generally accepted as a hypoallergenic material and is waterproof.

We do not collect or store data on our website.  Backups are kept securely offline on deviced not connected in any way to the Internet.  We will never share or sell your data.

MedAlerts tests all bands prior to shipping. Bands that are damaged during shipping will be replaced and offers a lifetime $10 (including shipping) replacement on damaged/lost bands. MedAlerts bands are not-returnable and non-refundable as they are wearable items.

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