About Us

My Alert Band is always prepared for an emergency

No one knows when a medical emergency will happen. With My Alert Band, consumers can store comprehensive medical information on their bracelets, so first responders and caregivers have access to the wearer's complete medical history during an emergency. My Alert Band's innovative design and quality construction featuring laser engraved medical insignias and QR code allow any medical caregiver with cell phone signals the ability to download the information the wearer or their caregiver has decided to share.

My Alert Bands and Pendants provide peace of mind in the event of an accident or medical emergency. Furthermore, a My Alert Band helps caregivers avoid making unintentional mistakes or delaying diagnosis. These bracelets can be used to share information about allergies, current medications, and any special needs, allowing first responders to provide the best care possible as quickly as possible. Plus, My Alert Band is more versatile than ever, as they can now be worn with a pendant on a necklace or chain for people who don’t like the sensation of a band or bracelet.

My Alert Band is a safer alternative to keeping important medical information in a medical file or on a cell phone. By providing a discreet yet handy way to share crucial medical data, these bracelets create a safer environment for everyone. First responders are trained to look for bracelets and necklaces.

First responders frequently speak about the golden hour. That is the first 60 minutes that someone is under medical care in an emergency. With My AlertBand and My Alert Pendant, your caregivers will spend a lot less time trying to determine what happened and who you are. They will know what your blood type is, what your allergies are and what medications you are currently using, which will make your care much, much easier. In a time of absolute chaos and confusion, your My Alert Band could be the difference between life and death.