My Alert Band Alert Pendant and My Doggy Tag

My Doggy Tag

My Doggy Tag is one of the simplest, noninvasive ways to find a lost pet. My Doggy Tag has a laser engraved QR code on the tag that can contain as much or as little information as you want to share. If someone finds your lost pet, they simply scan the QR code on the tag, find out your dog is named Spot and that your phone number is 777.555.1212. They call you, tell you where they found Spot and you go pick up Spot. This is noninvasive, easy to use and inexpensive, with no monthly or annual fees. You decide what information you want to share about your pet. You can share breed type, allergies, favorite treats, veterinarian contact info, kennels you use and anything else you think is appropriate.

For decades people have been microchipping their pets, in the hope that if the pet escapes, a random stranger will find the animal, take time out of their day to coax the animal into their vehicle, take them to a vet or shelter, have the microchip scan done and returned to their pet family. Not only are microchips invasive to the animal, they sometimes fall out. Most importantly, the pet owner is expecting a total stranger to make the time commitment to returning the animal to the owner. Compared to My Doggy Tag, microchips require a lot more effort on the part of the person who finds the pet and a larger investment from you.

Recently, people have begun using various means of geotracking their animals. The downside of this compared to My Doggy Tag is cost, the potential harm to the animal of constant exposure to RF and the fact that many of these products require a monthly subscription.

The decision is pretty simple. Do you want a simple, inexpensive, easy to use dog tag that requires very little effort on the part of the person finding your pet, or an invasive treatment or constant RF exposure for your pet?


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